June 2014:
reach | influence implements smart-selection coupon pages for all digital coupons. In addition to shopper-based personalization, digital coupons in email and on shopper landing page are sorted based on issuer: retailer, wholesaler and manufacturer / CPG.

June 13, 2014:
Mars Super Markets signs contract with reach | influence for full-service engagement program. Mars is a 17 store chain based out of Baltimore, MD.

Nov 2014:
Kami Ross is promoted to Director, Business Operations.

Dec 16, 2014:
reach | influence receives certification from Centego to mediate rewards from POS to pump.

Dec 30, 2014: 
reach | influence completes transition to world-class email & messaging platform, Exact Target, as a FREE upgrade to all retailers.

Jan 5, 2015:
reach | influence hires Bethany Schafer as Program Manager. She brings a wealth of marketing and retail experience, having most recently worked for 3.5 years as Marketing Manager for Neiman’s Family Market, a Michigan-based grocery chain.

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